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Chelsea Farrell, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I utilize an egalitarian approach while working with people. This means that the therapist and the client are the experts of their own experience. I believe we each bring preconceptions and values into the relationship and these core values can help strengthen trust. I’m, in general, curious about people and who they are; so I LOVE hearing about interests or hobbies or anything that relates to a person’s individuality. I incorporate harm reduction and motivational interviewing within my work. I believe that people are conduits to change and change is dependent on motivation and readiness. I think it is okay if someone is not ready or is not sure if they are ready; we all start somewhere!

I have experience working with different evidenced modalities such as

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As well as EMDR trained.

I have practiced within the public sector working with substance use, trauma, health conditions, folks who were unhoused/low-income, and folks experiencing co-occurring challenges. I love learning about people and how they operate in the world based on their experiences.

I enjoy watching people evolve and grow into their authentic selves; which includes knowing who they are and what they value. I value self-awareness and introspection, for myself, and want to help others on their path to their own wellness.


Chelsea Farrell, LMHC
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